Salma Hayek will launch an all-natural beauty range in 2012.

The Mexican actress - who is well known for her flawless skin and sleek hair - has used "family secrets" for the line, entitled Nuance, as none of her relatives suffer with wrinkles.

She told T magazine: "I always wanted to do this because my grandmother, who was a beauty, she died at 96 with no wrinkles. And you should see my mother! We have some family secrets. Have you heard of tepezcohuite?

"You know how if you burn the stone of the mamey fruit and rub it on your eyelashes it makes them grow?"

The range - which has been worked on for the last decade - will be sold at US drugstore chain CVS.

Salma - who is married to Francois-henri Pinault - has previously revealed she likes a man to fall in love with someone's inner beauty.

She said: "I think it is important for men to learn to follow someone's essence.

"So regardless of what happens to the body, they can stay in love. You know, for us women it is easier to have a relationship with someone just because of that. For a man they need that plus the other stuff.

"They need to push further and not just look at you as a human body, but as a fellow soul. But so many of them don't, you know."