The 49-year-old actress can next be seen in movie Tale of Tales, inspired by the fairytales by Giambattista Basile in which she plays a queen desperate for a child.

The pivotal theme of the film is the greatest desires of men and women, and Salma believes it represents the profundity of the female gender.

"The three stories are seen from the point of view of women and to explore what would be their horror," Salma told Britain's The Guardian website. "Maybe for a man it’s to take your eye out. For the women, they are a lot more profound.

"We have this fear of not being loved. Men are afraid of being loved but for women their biggest fear is not to be loved, not to have a child, the fear of that. You think a child will love you forever, and will it stay forever, and will you keep that love forever, and then it’s the fear in the other story of am I going to be loved if I lose my youth and beauty. And that’s the other fear of women."

When the interviewer asked Salma if she thinks women are more profound than men generally, the actress answered: "Yes", before dissolving into giggles and adding, "In general".

She then explained that while there are films being made by women in Hollywood, there needs to be more of an effort made to promote them.

"Look at the state of filming today - how many profound movies have you seen lately? There is an audience out there for female themes and point of views.

"We’ve not explored the audience, they don’t know where it is and they don’t know what they like. It’s not that it’s not out there, it’s out there, but we’ve not made enough effort."

Salma also used the interview to discuss her feelings about Donald Trump's bid for the White House. He will be competing against Hillary Clinton to become the next president of America, and has already angered Salma with his comments about immigration in the country.

"I’m not surprised by him but by how many people stand by those beliefs and standards of separation, discrimination, bullying - I was under the impression that America was more informed about what’s happening in the world," she explained.

"It's not that I’m scared by him, I’m scared by what he represents and the size of it."