Salma Hayek wants her daughter to embrace her different heritages.

The 'Grown Ups 2' actress ''makes sure'' five-year-old Valentina knows about her mother's Mexican culture, her father Francois-Henri Pinault's French background and the traditions of America, also.

She said: ''I make sure that she's very in touch with the Mexican roots, and the French roots, and the American roots - but maybe less because I know more about the Mexican and he knows more about the French.''

The 46-year-old screen beauty says her daughter has already mastered three languages - English, Spanish and French - however, Salma still gets tongue-tied herself.

During an appearance on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' , she explained: ''She's now really into English. I know Spanish, I still struggle with English, and French is just a humiliation every time I try. I do it, but I'm not good at it.''

The actress' inquisitive daughter was recently eager to celebrate American Independence Day on July 4 and the 'Frida' star even taught her how to sing the US national anthem.

She said: ''This Fourth of July, we were here [in America] and we were celebrating. She told me, 'You know what, mom, I know the Mexican anthem, I know the French anthem, but I don't know the American anthem. Would you teach it to me?'

''I've done a lot of movies with the Adam Sandler crowd, and these guys, they have a huge television 24/7 playing sports - all day, all kinds of American sports, no matter what it is - while we're shooting. And to my shock, I have seen this so many times in the back of my head that I've learned the American national anthem! I was able to teach it to my daughter.''