Salma Hayek has promised to return to '30 Rock'.

The actress appeared in the third season of the comedy for a multi-episode arc portraying Elisa, the girlfriend of NBC executive Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), and creator Tina Fey has made her commit to a return before the show finishes its seventh and final season.

Tina told Entertainment Weekly: ''I tried to tell Selma Hayek that she has to come back. She said that she would and I'm going to hold her to that.''

Salma isn't the only star on Tina's ''bucket list'', she also hopes to lure Michael Sheen, Isabella Rossellini and other guest stars back to the show,

She said: ''There are going to be people that we've always wanted to have on that we haven't, for various reasons, been able to yet. Or characters we've enjoyed so much that we want to bring back at some point before we leave.

'' I always wanted to get Michael Benjamin Washington back on who played Donald Jordan, the older son. Of course we want to get Dennis Duffy in at some point. I'd love to get Michael Sheen to come back as Wesley Snipes.

''I'd love to get Isabella Rossellini back because we were reminding ourselves that Jack was married before, and she was a very pivotal character once.''