Salma Hayek credits her own cosmetics for her youthful appearance.

The 46-year-old actress - who has five-year-old daughter Valentina with husband Francois-henri Pinault - believes the anti-ageing properties of her Nuance range help her successfully keep wrinkles at bay.

She said: ''It's something that is used for burns victims in hospitals in Mexico. And it works! I'm 46 and I'm ageing gracefully. I don't have that many wrinkles.''

The 'Savages' actress insisted she has never gone under any surgical procedures to preserve her looks, but won't rule it out.

Asked if she has had Botox or other surgery, she said: ''No. At least not yet.''

Salma has previously admitted she takes fashion advice from her husband, who is the CEO of PPR, which oversees fashion houses including Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

She said: ''I don't give my husband style advice.

''He gives it to me. He has a good eye for aesthetics, for architecture, art, furniture, watches - he just has great taste.''