Salma Hayek used to set all the alarm clocks off in the middle of the night at boarding school.

The 'Savages' star has a mischievous streak in her, which came out when she attended a Catholic girls' boarding school in Louisiana.

She said: ''I had a moment or two, like every child does, when I told silly stories to my teachers. But I didn't do anything really bad.

''I look back fondly at that period of my life, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night and making all the alarm clocks go off. We just did little things like that.''

Salma, 46, hopes her impulsive tendencies rub off on her daughter, Valentina, five, who she has with husband Francois-henri Pinault but admits she is very strict with her.

She added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''Definitely, I can see it. It's funny, I think I am a strict mum sometimes, but I am also quite relaxed. I am fun and I do a lot of things with my daughter. I talk to her and I listen, but I definitely set boundaries, and I think my husband and I have a very good balance, sometimes he is easier and I am harder and vice versa.''