Hollywood beauty Salma Hayek is grateful she's short - because she'd have become a "miserable" model if she was taller.

The Mexican FRIDA star, 37, stands at just 1.6 metres (5-feet-two-inches), and she credits her diminutive measurements for causing her to pursue a career in movies, rather than fashion.

She says, "I'm grateful for my shortness, because if I had been tall, I might have ended up a model or Miss Mexico - and what a miserable existence that would've been. So I thank God for my shortness because it didn't take me in those directions."

She's also unsure about how far her curvaceous figure would have taken her in the modelling world.

She adds, "Designer's don't think about breasts... When I gain weight, you see it in my bosom, so I wear minimiser bras that help a lot. Actually, because I don't look like other girls, nothing fits.

"I'm short, but not small."

11/11/2003 09:44