Actress Salma Hayek refused to pre-record a video acceptance speech for April's (13) MTV Movie Awards after learning her category for Best Latino Actor would not even be televised.

The Hollywood star was excited when she was told she had a good chance of winning the prize for her performance as a Mexican cartel boss in Oliver Stone's 2012 crime thriller Savages, but her glee soon turned to anger after realising she wouldn't get any screen time during the main Los Angeles ceremony if she did claim victory.

She tells InStyle magazine, "When they told me I (might win), I was asked to tape a message saying thank you. But the thing is, this particular award isn't televised. Now, believe me, I am so grateful they acknowledge all of our great Latin performers, but I refused to tape the acknowledgement. If we Latins are not worth their time on television, why should they be worth mine? I think we deserve better than that, so I told them I wouldn't participate."

The title of Best Latino Actor ended up being awarded to Javier Bardem for Bond blockbuster Skyfall.