Salma Hayek's daughter gives her a souvenir every time she goes out.

The 46-year-old actress hates being away from her five-year-old daughter Valentina but the youngster makes sure her mother has a memento of her when they are separated.

She said: ''When I go out my daughter Valentina gives me something to remember her. She calls it un recuerdo - a memory - and it changes all the time. She sneaks it into my bag so it's a surprise.''

Salma - who is married to Francois-henri Pinault - also revealed she keeps aromatherapy oils in her bag at all times to help relax her.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''I keep aromatherapy oils for energy or relaxing, they can change your whole outlook.''

The 'Savages' star recently admitted she finds parenting challenging.

She said ''When you become a mum and are responsible for someone else's welfare, everything is about being the best mum and that's a huge challenge on a daily basis. Because when you believe that you already know how to handle them, they become different. They change and evolve constantly but still depend on you. Sometimes you can't even go to the toilet alone because they are always after you. It is a massive challenge, and not easy at all, but it is also the most beautiful goal of a lifetime.''