Salma Hayek gets the ''best'' acting advice from her daughter.

The 'Everly' star has revealed her seven-year-old Valentina - who she has with her husband François-Henri Pinault - loves being present on set during filming and is quick to offer her valuable tips.

Speaking of shooting her new film 'Tale of Tales' in which her character eats a serpent heart, Salma confessed the youngster was quick to come up with a solution to help her repeatedly bite the prop - which was made of sweets and pasta - without being sick.

She told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six: ''She gives the best notes.''

She added Valentina saved her from vomiting by telling her to keep ''taking bites from the front [of the heart] and then spitting them out''.

While having her daughter by her side has proved to be very useful during filming, the brunette beauty previously confessed she nearly turned her back on her career completely in order to raise her.

Salma, 48 - who received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Frida Kahlo in the biopic 'Frida' in 2002 - said: ''I was very frustrated in my early forties because after 'Frida' I was disappointed that I wasn't getting good roles; when I had my baby I thought that this was my new life and so why should I keep being unhappy in my career.

''Acting had become more like a hobby rather than something I was driven to do.''