Actress Salma Hayek has defended the violence in new film Savages and blamed drug-takers for aggravating the problems blighting her native Mexico.

The brunette beauty stars alongside Benicio del Toro in Oliver Stone's violent epic, which tackles the brutal drug cartels involved in trafficking across the U.S border.

The outspoken star, who plays a cartel member in the film, has some harsh words for addicts, warning that when they buy drugs, they contribute to the violence in her home country.

She tells the Bbc, "The level of violence that Mexico is living under because of this problem... I think, there's (sic) so many things that I could wish, but maybe for the people who take the drugs, at least for them to know that not only are they messing up their lives but they are contributing to a market that there is a lot of murdering in (sic).

"Every time you buy a drug, you are contributing to the violence, to the traders. Somebody died for you to get that (the drugs). Nobody talks about this and sometimes they say 'Oh, this is a very violent movie, I had to close my eyes when they were torturing it (sic). Why do you do (sic) a movie so violent?' But they mind that it is in the movie but they don't mind that it is happening in real life."