Actress Salma Hayek was stunned by pop superstar Prince when she directed his new music video, TE AMO CORAZON (I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART) - because he wasn't a control freak. The FRIDA star signed up to take charge of the promo with trepidation because she thought the pop star would insist on being the boss. She says, "I was very surprised because he knows what he wants and maybe he was going to be really controlling. He was relaxed, lovely. He took directions really well. "It was my concept, I came up with the idea... I'm a control freak, so I was scared because I'm very meticulous about little details and stuff and he loved it. "He would just let me do it. I think it reminded him of himself because I'm so peculiar about things. We had a wonderful time. He's such a genius."