Salma Hayek has become a "good housewife".

The 44-year-old actress - who has a three-year-old daughter Valentina with husband Francois-henri Pinault - explained while she enjoys her "homey" lifestyle in Paris, her partner is a "spoilt brat" when it comes to his food.

She said: "I am a housewife. I cook every night for my husband. I am most definitely a housewife. And a good one, I must say.

"Our life is great and glamorous in many ways, and in many ways - the good ways - it's very homey. He's a spoilt brat, my husband, when it comes to food."

Despite being content with her lifestyle now, the Mexican-born beauty admitted when she first met Francois she "panicked" about having to move to France and become a housewife.

Salma added to Style magazine: "The first thing I panicked about was moving. I got scared. I said, 'I'm not moving to Paris to be a housewife'. And he said, 'Fine, we'll be different'. It's sort of exciting to have a different kind of marriage.

"He knew I was going to end up here but he said the right thing. Before I knew it, I was spending most of my time here, and I love it."