Hollywood actress Salma Hayek has discovered the secret to peace of mind - lots of sleep and lovely lingerie.

The FRIDA star's fixation with all things frilly and lacy developed when she was growing up in her native Mexico.

Hayek, who particularly likes LA PERLA lingerie, says, "The closest thing to your body is the most important - you build from there.

"My mother, a beautiful woman with gorgeous skin, always wore beautiful nightgowns when I was growing up. When my father was away, I would cuddle with her in bed, and she always felt like silk and smelled like roses. She was a queen."

The memories have helped create Hayek's nightly routine.

She says, "You wash your face, take a good bath, make yourself smell nice - I even wear perfume sometimes when I'm alone - and put on a wonderful nightgown that feels good against your skin, even if you're sleeping alone.

"Then you're ready to give yourself this incredible night when you escape out of your body, put your head on the pillow and think, 'I worked hard today, didn't steal from anyone; even if it was a bad day, I survived.' And you sleep - take a vacation as your body regenerates and you celebrate your femininity."

12/11/2003 02:09