FRIDA star Salma Hayek is becoming increasingly annoyed with her friends and family constantly urging her to get married and have children.

The 37-year-old Mexican actress, currently dating Josh Lucas, insists she'll be a wife and mother when she's ready - and wants everybody to stop hassling her about it.

She says, "I am going to be married one day, but does it really matter? No. But I'll do it because why not? It will be: 'I feel like it. Let's do it.'

"I don't want to be 45, look back and say, 'I have this great career, accomplished so much, but, oops, I forgot to give myself the chance just to be a woman, a human being, a wife.'

"My mother, who always dreamed about the day I would marry, used to bring me beautiful antique nightgowns from Europe - a couple of which she kept aside for my honeymoon. Finally, she got tired of waiting and said, 'Honey, here you go! This is falling apart; it's already an antique.' I still have them."

She adds, "I will have children. But I don't like anybody, not even nature, telling me what, how or when to do it.

"I don't let the fear factor age me. I don't look 37. Yet I smoke, drink, don't exercise, eat everything they tell me not to. So how do you explain that? I don't not have one grey hair and I can still go without a bra - and I do nothing that you're supposed to be doing. Look, I'm not going to be stupid, but I'm definitely going to be a mother."

12/11/2003 09:10