Salma Hayek turned last-minute party planner when the woman she hired to turn daughter VALENTINA's recent second birthday celebration into a bash to remember quit two days before the big event.
The actress hit the streets of Downtown Los Angeles in disguise to pick up pinatas, favours and food and then faced a frantic search for a legal Barney to perform at her daughter's party.
Hayek recalls, "I was terrified. I wanted her (Valentina) to love it and I hired somebody to plan it for me, because it's my first time and she had gone to some that I was really impressed (by) and I didn't want her to feel that I did a lesser party. She quit two days before the party, once everybody was invited. I have no idea (why)... She left me with nothing.
"And the worst part was I told Valentina that Barney was coming... and she was so excited... I invited the people, she knows the whole programme and I have nothing.
"I said, 'I'm gonna do this, I'm taking over... I decorated it myself... I got the tables and the little chairs... All the stuff we cooked in the house
"I tried to get a Barney and they told me, 'No, no, no, that's illegal... They copyright him and it's illegal to have a Barney.' And I've already told her (Valentina) and she's so excited. I'd never do anything illegal but I was so desperate to make her happy that I did try to go into the black market... These are the things you do as a mother.
"Right before, I finally got him and I said, 'Valentina, we got Barney, baby...' and she goes, 'Oh mama, I don't like Barney anymore. I want Dora or Elmo...' We fired the illegal Barney and we got Dora... There are plenty of Elmos and Doras (and) they're legal."
The party was a big success.