Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman and Debra Messing are among the hard-working mums who will be honoured for their charitable efforts at the third annual Cookie magazine awards.
The film stars will be among seven mothers celebrated by the publication later this month (Apr09).
Thrilled Hayek says, "I think that in some ways, all women are mothers. It's in our nature to protect, to nurture, and to feel empathy; this programming just kicks in more strongly when you have children.
"I used to do a lot of fieldwork on my own, mostly with women who were survivors of domestic abuse in Central America, South America, India, and Africa. That was so amazing, and, yes, I did some good. But, after having a baby, I found I became so much more vulnerable.
"I needed to get involved with something that was tangible, and that we could really stop: I needed the psychological 'We can do this!' I started working with Unicef on raising money for and awareness of the tetanus-vaccination campaign."
Meanwhile, Thurman explains her charity endeavours started close to home: "I got involved with (charity) Room to Grow on the ground floor... 10 years ago, I lived in the same brownstone as founder Julie Burns, who was just starting it. I was expecting my first child, and we got to know each other in the tiny foyer, where I would see her come in with bags and bags of baby goods.
"My main function is in fundraising for the organisation, which provides clothing, gear, and developmental toys to children ages zero to three who are living in poverty in New York City and Boston.
"Clients of Room to Grow meet with social workers on a regular basis for two hours at a time; it's very dignified and private. People can contribute in a million ways. Volunteering for the clothing and book drives is valuable, and so are donations. When I had my second baby shower, I told people not to give me anything, but to send gifts directly to Room to Grow... It's great to be able to help another mother who has all the same aspirations for her children you do but lacks the resources."