Hollywood actress Salma Hayek only decided to work on her upcoming TV movie THE MALDONADO MIRACLE because she couldn't find anything better to do.

The stunning FRIDA star makes her directing debut on the Showtime flick, which stars Ruben Blades, Peter Fonda and MARE WINNINGHAM - but admits she only went back to the project after originally passing on it, when she failed to find any other suitable work.

She says, "I felt so honoured, but I passed. Then I went to do Frida and when I came back and I started reading scripts and I didn't like anything, I said 'I need to find something that I'm passionate about.'"

However, despite her initial reticence, Winnigham was most impressed with Hayek's first attempt at stepping behind the camera.

She praises, "She's a born leader and you want to deliver for her. She's very inspired and excitable and bossy and creative, and you want to make her dream come true."

The film is due to be shown on the cable channel on 12 October (03).

16/07/2003 21:11