Sally Struthers serves as the latest celebrity to be arrested for drink driving after she was pulled over in Maine and taken into custody for being over the limit.

The 'All in the Family' actress was handcuffed on Route 1 in Ogunquit on Wednesday (September 12th 2012) at 12:30 AM and charged with operating under the influence (OUI) which is a charge given even when the offender is behind the wheel of a stationary vehicle. The first-time offender posted $160 bail and is set to face court on December 14, 2012 but will not receive a jail sentence; the worst she could get is a fine of $500 and 90 day suspended driving license.

The 65-year-old, who is a spokesperson for the Christian Children's Fund, was in Maine because she was to make an appearance in the Ogunquit Playhouse production of the Broadway show '9 to 5'. She is the latest in a string of celebrities in trouble for DUI or vehicle related crimes; most notably the child star Amanda Bynes who was first charged this year in March for talking on her cell phone while driving before being taken into custody a second time for driving under the influence. She was also charged for two cases of hit and run incidents. Struthers denies the OUI allegations, according to her publicist Pamela Sharp.