M*A*S*H star Sally Kellerman has become the latest star to pay tribute to late funnyman Leslie Nielsen, who died last month (28Nov10), recalling his farting prank that left co-stars feeling sure he was ill.
The beloved practical joker was shooting a scene with the actress for a production in New York and decided to prank her with a fart machine.
Kellerman tells WENN, "I thought he was a wonderful, serious actor but on the first day we were getting ready to shoot and he comes into my dressing room with some other people from the play and suddenly there's this big resounding fart and we all laughed.
"For the rest of the day he was farting all the time. First, I felt sorry for him and then I was sickened; I never wanted to see him again. By the end of the day he'd left and we were finished filming and someone said it was a fart machine.
"He was perfectly willing to have me think, and anyone else, that he was ill! He never said a word. He didn't have any worries of what we could've been thinking about him. Instead he just left and I'm thinking, 'I hope he's alright.'"