Sally Hawkins suffers from Lupus.

The 'Shape of Water' actress revealed she is battling the autoimmune condition but feels ''very lucky'' as the symptoms only appear in ''waves'' and she is usually OK, so long as she takes things ''steady'' and doesn't push herself too hard.

She revealed: ''I have Lupus, the chronic fatigue syndrome. I do get quite tired, but I don't let it stop me.

''I've been very lucky with it, for the most part. It comes in waves. I'm not crippled with it, like some people. I just have to be aware and take it steady.''

Despite her own career success, the 41-year-old actress claimed she is the ''runt'' of her family when compared with her parents, prolific author and illustrator team Jacqui and Colin Hawkins, and writer and creative director brother Finbar Hawkins.

She told told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''I'm the runt of the family, to be honest. If only you knew, it's true.''

Meanwhile, when it comes to choosing her work, the 'Paddington 2' star looks for projects that she feels ''really drawn to'', but admitted it isn't always easy to find the right one.

She added: ''You just make sure you're with the right people, and you tap into your own needs, and try not to be overwhelmed -- which is easier to say than do.''

Sally previously admitted she is a ''clumsy'' person and was left with concussion after running into a crane while filming 'Paddington'.

She said: ''I'm quite clumsy I think, naturally, and I get excited. I was running to the set and it was dark and there was a crane - and I ran into the crane. Straight into it!

''I don't think the director knows how badly I was injured because my head just split open and I was patched up. Then the nurse came in and said, 'No, its fine, it's just a big sort of gash on your head but you'll be OK.'

''I've got a lot of hair so I was just sort of wheeled back on and I did the rest of the scene and the day. It was only later that I thought, 'I feel a bit strange'... and I had concussion.''