Sally Hawkins split her head open after running into a crane in the dark on the set of 'Paddington'.

The 38-year-old actress was heading to do a scene on the family film when she suffered the bloody injury and despite being left with a huge gash on her head, she carried on with her day of filming and completed her scenes.

She said: ''I'm quite clumsy I think, naturally, and I get excited. I was running to the set and it was dark and there was a crane - and I ran into the crane. Straight into it!

''I don't think the director knows how badly I was injured because my head just split open and I was patched up. Then the nurse came in and said, 'No, its fine, it's just a big sort of gash on your head but you'll be OK.' ''

However, later that night the 'Blue Jasmine' star felt ''a bit strange'' and was later told she was suffering from concussion as a result of her accident.

She explained: ''I've got a lot of hair so I was just sort of wheeled back on and I did the rest of the scene and the day. It was only later that I thought, 'I feel a bit strange'... and I had concussion.''

Sally also broke her collarbone in 2009 which led to some difficulty when she attended the Golden Globes that year as after taking to the stage to accept her Best Actress prize for 'Happy-Go-Lucky' she had to immediately put the accolade down because she couldn't hold it.

Speaking on talk show 'Conan', she added: ''I was on a concoction of stuff and I don't usually take anything stronger than an aspirin. It was just the adrenaline the fear, the emotion, the surprise and the overwhelm - everything went weird, as they often do at those events.

''I couldn't actually carry the globe. I immediately put it down, I didn't expect it to be so heavy!

''I was afraid I was going to drop it, I was quite surprised as it's not made of plastic - it's real. I was going to take someone out and I don't think you can come back from that. If I took out Meryl Streep, I don't think I would have been asked back.''

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