Veteran actress Sally Field's career has come full circle after working with late producer Laura Ziskin on her final film, the new summer (12) blockbuster The Amazing Spider-man - because the pals started out as producing partners.
The Steel Magnolias star first teamed up with Ziskin for Murphy's Romance in 1985 and her friend reached out to Field again when movie bosses began casting for the web-slinging adventure.
She accepted the role as Peter Parker's beloved Aunt May, but the project turned out to be Ziskin's last - she lost her battle with cancer in June, 2011.
Field is sad that the film executive never got to see the finished product, but she is honoured to have worked with Ziskin and see her in action once again.
During an interview on U.S. breakfast show Today on Monday (02Jul12), she said, "I was asked to do it (star in The Amazing Spider-Man) by my friend Laura Ziskin, who was my first producing partner and we produced her first movie together. She's an amazing producer, did all the Spider-Man movies and a bevy of other movies, and she's a real hero - she started the Stand Up 2 Cancer (charity), raised millions and millions of dollars... She had breast cancer and unfortunately she did not live to see her last efforts, but that's why I was there. I got to be a part of her first movie and her last movie."