Veteran actress Sally Field has never seen The Amazing Spider-Man, despite starring in the superhero film and its new sequel.

The Lincoln star, 67, plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man's Aunt May in the franchise reboot, which was launched in 2012 with Andrew Garfield in the lead role.

Field admits she loves working with Garfield and the rest of the film's cast, and she is convinced the movie is good - even though she has yet to sit down and watch it.

During an appearance on America's Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday (23Apr14), she explained, "I like them (co-stars) a lot, they're a good group. I hardly see them, the films... I'm not sure I saw the last one. But I know it's good! Probably I didn't see it. But, I'm gonna see it. I'm really gonna see it."

Realising she wasn't doing a good job of promoting the movie, she added, "This one (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), I'm actually gonna see. It's fabulous!"

And when host David Letterman alerted her to the fact that the movie grossed "like, almost a billion dollars" worldwide, she replied, "Did it? I have to go see this film...! Wow, I'm so wowed."

The 2012 movie actually grossed $752 million (£470 million) at the global box office.