Actress Sally Field has adopted classic tune MOON RIVER as her personal inflight tune - to help her cope with air trips. The Oscar winner escaped with her life 18 years ago when she was a passenger on entertainer MERV GRIFFIN's private jet, which crashed during take-off in Aspen, Colorado - and she has never been a good flyer since. She recalls, "The steering mechanism flew out of the plane... We were at take-off speed and we couldn't stop the plane or steer the plane. The only time I knew we were in trouble was when we went off the runway (and) into the terrain. "We tipped the nose of one plane and went broadside into another... there was no reason why we didn't explode. "I had my baby, who I luckily had held on to. The scary thing was is he wasn't buckled in; he was sitting on my lap. I was buckled in. All I could think of was, 'Hold on to him, hold on to him.' "I jumped off the wing and rolled with my little SAMMY the way you're supposed to and ran down the tarmac with no shoes on... and my mother's beside me running and I realised I was covered with gasoline because it was spurting everywhere. "Ever since then I don't fly well... I'm a real white knuckler. If it gets bumpy, I lay my head down and sing Moon River. It's my one song that gets me through."