Actress Sally Field will never set foot in a hot-air balloon again after a trip over the Serengeti in Africa turned into a painful nightmare. The Oscar winner agreed to go up, up and away as part of a TV special for the AMERICAN SPORTSMAN show and had no idea her dream flight over the jungles and plains would leave her literally scarred for life. Field's balloon spent a day trying to get airborne but spent much of the time crash landing. She explains, "(We were) on the Serengeti, in Tanzanian Africa, which is a place to be in a hot-air balloon. "I was warned that the most dangerous animal is the hippo and we landed right in the hippo pond because we didn't have the right fuel because, actually, a coup had happened in Tanzania, so we landed in the hippo pond and it was like the jungle ride because here came all the hippos with their mouths open. "The second time we flew out over the top of a Masai village and then we hit the Serengeti. "There's two steel containers, one of them was padded for the camera and the other one wasn't padded and that's where my knees crashed and I snapped one kneecap in two and the other one was grisly looking. (Then) we flipped around on the Serengeti for a while."