Actress Saffron Burrows has quit TV drama Boston Legal because she thinks the show is set to end.
The Brit asked to be released from her contract so she could film new series My Own Worst Enemy with Christian Slater.
She says, "They're (Boston Legal producers) sadly winding down. They have had a good long run on Boston Legal, and I was very drawn to this piece of writing.
"They (producers) kindly allowed to be released to do this. I mean, like most of my colleagues in town who had read this first episode of My Own Worst Enemy, it was something that people were taken with.
"I was smitten with this material, to be honest with you. It just seemed like a very good progression, and I've had such a rich career thus far that I wanted to continue exploring things, and I had my appetite whetted."
Burrows plays a doctor in the new drama, which follows the exploits of a schizophrenic who is part operative and part suburban family man.