British actress Saffron Burrows was so frightened by violent turbulence on a plane circling New York recently, she held a stranger's hand for nearly an hour. The Troy star was flying from Los Angeles to Manhattan for an appearance on U.S. TV's The Late Show With David Letterman when bad weather struck. So the terrified 35-year-old grabbed the hand of the man sitting in the seat next to her - without realising his family was across the aisle. She explained to Letterman: "The first four hours (of the flight) were good, I watched films and read and was entirely silent. I didn't speak to the lovely guy next to me until the turbulence started (while we were) circling over New York. "I grabbed this gentleman's hand and said, 'I'm afraid I'm going to have to hold your hand. I need some support.' "About half an hour went by, during which time he had asked me about my life and I him. He was a lovely man called Jerry. We held hands and our palms even got sweaty. "He then reveals that across the aisle is his son and his ex-wife. I had literally been clinging to his hand for 45 minutes by now. I even said, 'If it gets any worse I'm going to have to hold on to you.' "The family were lovely. I met the family and it was all fine."