British actress Saffron Burrows has stormed off the Canadian set of her latest movie SOLO after a string of delays.

The ENIGMA star grew so frustrated with waiting around on the Vancouver, British Colombia set of the film, she got on a plane and flew back to her native England.

Burrows fumes, "When I got there, they gave me a completely new script to learn and then three days later there were major problems over the ending. So I decided to come back home so they could sort them out. Then, on Christmas Eve (24DEC03), I got a phonecall from Jon Voight."

The movie beauty admits she was so busy doing last minute Christmas shopping, she ignored the OSCAR-winning actor's call.

She adds, "I don't know (what he wanted). I was in JOHN LEWIS (British department store) and was so into the haberdashery department that I ignored it."

02/02/2004 13:31