British actress Saffron Burrows insisted friends called her MANDY at school - because she hated her posh name.
The Troy star admits she dreamed of having a more common name because that would be more in fitting with her dream to become a rapper.
She tells WENN, "As a child I wanted to be a rapper but my name was ridiculous, so I made my friends call me Mandy for a year at school because I wanted to be part of the proletariat."
And she insists her exotic name wasn't inspired by hippie star Donovan's ode to Saffron, Mellow Yellow.
She adds, "The lyric 'I'm just wild about Saffron' really annoyed my mother because I think he wrote it in 1969 and then it was released the minute I was born in 1972 and that infuriated her. She thought she'd been original."