Troubled actress Sadie Frost has turned to cigarettes for support - despite the fact she is an asthmatic who suffered a collapsed lung when she was four.

Friends and family of the actress, who is having marriage problems with hunky husband Jude Law, are concerned the mum-of-four's new habit will kill her, because she spent the first few years of her life undergoing intense medical treatment to clear her lungs and the ailment has left her generally weakened. The actress has always been staunchly anti-smoking - until now.

A worried friend of the SHOPPING actress admits, "Sadie has always been told that she should be careful. She has always been anti-tobacco and against JUDE smoking. She wouldn't allow him to smoke in the house.

"How sad that after being careful for such a long time she is not looking after herself while her marriage is in trouble. She only started smoking in the last month or so as far as we are aware."

The past few months have included fretting over toddler daughter IRIS who swallowed an ecstasy tablet while in Sadie's care, watching her marriage to heart-throb actor JUDE LAW crumble, and this weekend fearing that little Iris had been snatched while frolicking in the park.

01/06/2003 14:40