Sadie Frost gets tested ''for everything'' whenever she feels ill.

The 47-year-old actress struggled to deal with the death of her father from liver disease hepatitis C in 2003, and she admits she has since carried a personal mantra to get checked out when she is sick now.

She said: ''My motto for my health has always been to get tested: whatever it is, there's absolutely no point being in denial.

''Tests of all kinds are so easy now; I just get tested for everything. Prevention is everything and enables you to move forward, and with hepatitis C getting tested means you can start treating it and your health - and your life - back on track.''

Her father David died at the age of 57, and she admits it was a heartbreaking event to go through.

She added: ''My father's death was awful and painful, he was diagnosed too late for treatment to be effective and by the end he was awaiting his liver transplant, his chest and stomach had filled up with fluid, and hepatitis had affected his mental health as well as his physical health. It was deeply unpleasant for him and for all of us.''