Actress-turned-fashion designer Sadie Frost won't be spending Christmas (25DEC03) with a man this year - toyboy lover Jackson Scott is heading to Spain to see his mother.

The SHOPPING star, 37, reportedly wants to marry the 22-year-old flamenco guitarist - who she's been dating since the summer (03) - but it hasn't stopped him returning to his family for the festive season.

Sadie's ex-husband, COLD MOUNTAIN star Jude Law, whom she divorced in October (03), will be coming round only in the morning to drop presents off for their children.

A source tells British newspaper THE DAILY EXPRESS, "She has been lamenting that she'll be without a man to spend Christmas.

"But Sadie understands that it is perhaps still too early in (her's and Jackson's) relationship for him to spend Christmas with all of her family and her children - especially since Jude will be dropping in."

23/12/2003 01:28