Actress Sadie Frost overcame her crippling panic attacks with the help of Russell Brand's longtime therapist.
The Bram Stoker's Dracula star suffered severe anxiety since childhood, and her issues often made everyday life unbearable.
She was introduced to a therapist through Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Brand, who dated her best friend Kate Moss, and credits the shrink as a "father figure" she could rely on.
Frost is now celebrating five years without an attack.
She tells Britain's Marie Claire, "I haven't had a panic attack for five years. I'd suffered since I was a child, and remember at four years old thinking, 'Oh my God, maybe I'm just a tiny insignificant piece of dust' and my mind would just go.
"Then, later, it got to a point where I couldn't fly or I'd have to get out of cars if they were going too fast. If I looked at a colour I didn't like, I'd have a panic attack. It was so extreme and I couldn't talk about it too much because it was terrifying.
"I didn't do that much (therapy to get over it). Russell Brand did introduce me to his therapist, Chip, at a time in my life when I needed a reliable strong man who I could trust, a friend and father figure, and Chip was there for me."
However, the star is adamant longterm therapy sessions are a waste of time, adding, "I think you've got to work out your own problems. I don't think doing stuff with a shrink really helps."