Sadie Frost thinks Kate Moss ''radiates sex''.

The 49-year-old actress-and-producer has been friends with the supermodel for decades and says her aura has an permanently erotic element to it.

Speaking to the new issue of Grazia magazine, she said: ''Kate has always been herself. She's got an amazing personality and, of course, it's what she looks like but it's also who she is. She just radiates life, lust, sex and everything...''

Sadie and Kate are so close, the brunette regularly raids her pal's wardrobe for designer items.

She said: ''She doesn't borrow any of my clothes, but I borrow hers. She's incredibly generous.

Earlier this year, Sadie and her ex-husband Jude Law's son Rafferty, 17, made his modelling debut for DKNY and though she is proud of what he achieved, the 'Shopping' actress doesn't want him to get ''distracted'' from his school work.

The 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' star - who also has son Finlay, 24, with first husband Gary Kemp, and Iris, 14, and Rudy, 12, with Jude -said: ''He's doing his A-levels and he's in a band called Dirty Harrys. I didn't watch the show. I'm more proud that he does his homework. They've got opportunities but you have to be careful. It can be too distracting. I grew up acting and modelling and you don't get the education you should.''