Sadie Frost's fashion sense was heavily influenced by punk music.

The 49-year-old designer has revealed she used to love listening to the music genre, including bands such as Sex Pistols and The Clash, during her younger years, and she believes that has played a part in her own style.

Sadie said: ''What I've always liked about British design is that is seems to be quite influenced by music.

''The first time I got into fashion was based around ska and I was into The Specials and Madness. I was a bit of a punk, post-punk, late seventies, early eighties and that was influenced by The Clash and the Sex Pistols.''

Sadie's pal Nick Grimshaw also admitted he is a fan of punk and loves to rock the Sex Pistols look now and again.

He explained: ''When I think of British style the first thing I think of is Saville Row and smart English gentlemen, but actually, I really enjoy 1977 Sex Pistols look.''

Sadie has teamed up with blonde beauty Abbey Clancy for a new advert, The Vauxhalls, which showcases the latest addition to car manufacturer Vauxhall's chic ADAM range, the ADAM ROCKS AIR, and the 28-year-old model has admitted she loves being from Liverpool because everyone in the city loves to dress to impress when they leave their house.

Speaking in a 'Makin of The Vauxhalls' video, she said: ''I think there's a thing up North, which I really like, or making an effort and dressing up and I really like that Scousers will go out with a look on.''

Abbey stars in 'The Vauxhalls' a short film celebrating the launch of the 'Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air' directed by James Brown. For more information and to view the film and 'Making Of' go to: