LATEST: The recent bust-up between Sadie Frost and Jude Law that had to police racing to their North London home was caused by his plans to see NICOLE KIDMAN again.

Upset Sadie, 37, became angry when estranged hubby Jude, 30, refused to discuss his plans to meet up with The Hours beauty Nicole in New York.

The couple, who also argued about their impending divorce arrangements, started a row that became so heated their worried nanny called the cops.

After the incident, which occurred last Thursday morning (05JUN03), ROAD TO PERDITION star Jude was questioned by police, although Sadie refused to make a complaint.

Friends of the warring couple claim he refused to talk about a planned rendezvous with Nicole, infuriating Sadie.

A source says, "Sadie knew there was a good chance they'd see each other in New York. She kept on about it and it wasn't long before it was a full-blown row.

"So he refused to discuss it - which enraged her even more."

Jude and Nicole met on the set of new movie Cold Mountain last year (02), but both insist their relationship is platonic.

15/06/2003 14:01