Sadie Frost would rather do yoga than have a boyfriend.

The 46-year-old actress - who has previously been married to Jude Law and Gary Kemp - does not want to have a relationship at the moment because she doesn't have time, and the time she does have spare she would rather be exercising.

She said: ''Within the last few years I haven't really had any proper relationships.

''I thought it was a cliché that working women, especially working mothers, find it difficult but you meet someone and you look at your diary and say, 'I'm available in three weeks time for an hour and a half.'

''Last year I dated someone for a couple of months but it was just impossible - they want you to take up in the morning and have a cuddle and all I wanted to do was get up and do a few sun salutations.''

Sadie believes the problem was that she put everything before the then-boyfriend.

She added to Britain's Marie Claire magazine: ''It was like, 'Kids, work, yoga, boyfriend'. Boyfriend was at the bottom of the list.''