Sadie Frost suffered with anxiety when she was a child.

The 51-year-old actress has opened up about her battle with the psychological disorder when she was younger and has admitted she would often endure panic attacks when she was thrown into certain social situations which would leave her feeling emotionally crippled.

Speaking about her journey to overcome the feeling of uneasiness on UK TV show 'This Morning' on Thursday (27.04.17), the brunette beauty - who was previously married to 44-year-old actor Jude Law and musician Gary Kemp - said: ''I suffered from anxiety from a child and having panic attacks as a kid, and when you grow up through that certain situations become crippling.''

Sadie tried to overcome the issue by visiting a variety of doctors for advice because she refused to take medication to fight it.

She said: ''I saw different doctors, and different people would give me different advice, and I wanted to do it through building my own tools and strength and that has been through yoga. I didn't want to do it through medication and things like that, it's a scary thing to talk about. People are talking about it now. It was something I felt uncomfortable talking about it. I just thought I was weird and wacky, and thinking, 'Why is she unable to cope with this situation?' But it was something I've always had.''

Meanwhile, Sadie - who has daughter Iris, 16, Rafferty, 20, Finlay, 26, and Rudy, 14, - has revealed her children have told her to get off of her phone, and the star has admitted she is trying to ditch her mobile in a bid to be ''present''.

She explained: ''I think I've always been someone who has been distracted; I'm always on the phone, or doing something else, and my kids brought it to my attention 'Mummy, you're always doing something else'. I like now to turn my phone off a lot and try to be present in the present, because we are always thinking about the past or the future.''