Movie beauty Sadie Frost has been having her sleep monitored at a top clinic - because she constantly feels shattered.

The sexy mother-of-four - who is separated from hunky hubby JUDE LAW - is being examined at the sleep studies department of the clinic, where experts video patients sleeping and monitor their sleep patterns.

SHOPPING star Sadie is interested in her sleeping patterns and so decided to see if anything could be done.

An insider says, "She was having problems sleeping, which is often the case for most mums with very young children.

"So Sadie also decided to go for the tests. The equipment tests electrical activity in the brain, muscular activity in the body and breathing."

Sadie and ROAD TO PERDITION star Jude separated earlier this year (03) amidst rumours he is secretly dating movie beauty Nicole Kidman.

21/07/2003 02:29