LATEST: Troubled actress Sadie Frost tried to "assassinate" estranged husband Jude Law character by

making a domestic abuse call to police, according to a report in the British press.

It was originally reported the FINAL CUT star's nanny alerted the emergency services earlier this month (JUN03), fearing Law was assaulting Frost following a bitter row at their home over the terms of their divorce, and custody of their three children - although no charges were pressed when the authorities arrived.

But according to Britain's DAILY MIRROR tabloid, a family insider insists Sadie called the cops in a bid to make her husband look bad.

The source says, "We know Sadie is devastated by what's going on with her marriage, but that's no reason to turn the break-up into a character assassination.

"We hoped it would be amicable for the sake of the children but there is no chance now. We couldn't believe it when we saw photographs in the papers of Sadie with the kids on holiday.

"Let's just say we're not convinced she didn't have a hand in setting them up as part of her plot to paint herself as the perfect mother and Jude as a womaniser. We can't believe she would use the kids in that way.

"There's no doubt she loves him with all her heart, but she's under a lot of strain at the moment and we don't think she's being herself. Jude would never lay a finger on Sadie. Sure, he can get angry but he's certainly not violent."

Cold Mountain hunk Jude allegedly wants custody of the couple's three children RAFFERTY, IRIS and RUDY - leaving Sadie with eldest son FINLAY, from her first marriage to SPANDAU BALLET songwriter Gary Kemp.

19/06/2003 14:01