LATEST: Newly-single Sadie Frost is getting over her split from husband Jude Law with the help of her new boyfriend.

The mystery man - a Spanish artist - met the actress while she was on holiday earlier this year (03), and the twosome spent a romantic afternoon in London's REGENT'S PARK recently.

A source says, "It's very early days but she really likes him. Sadie is looking much happier than she has done in months. They are taking things slowly though.

"Sadie has been through a lot lately and just wants to relax and have some fun. This guy has been really good for her and given her confidence back."

Sadie - who has just started formal divorce proceedings against her husband - called the police to her London home in the early hours of yesterday morning (14AUG03) after Road To Perdition actor Law arrived in a rage demanding to know if her new boyfriend was in the house.

15/08/2003 13:50