Actress Sadie Frost had to call on the help of a friendly pair of ambulance drivers after losing sight of her little girl IRIS at a London park.

The 25-year-old mum of four, who has been having very public marriage problems with handsome husband Jude Law, was distraught when her two-year-old toddler vanished from underneath her eyes while they were enjoying a day out in Regent's Park, London.

Fearing her third-eldest child may have been snatched, the fraught actress was on the verge of tears as she spent an hour scouring the park - enlisting two passing ambulance drivers to help her look for the missing youngster and a seven-year-old boy who was also out with the family.

One of the kindly medics, STUART SMITH, reports, "Sadie was in a terrible state. She asked me to put an appeal on our radio.

"I told her that wasn't possible but said I'd help her look. She said the boy was wearing camouflage gear but couldn't remember what her daughter had on. I set off on foot and my colleague drove round in the ambulance."

The other ambulance driver SIMON MINNIS adds, "There were so many people around, they could have been snatched quite easily. We didn't recognise her as Sadie Frost at first. She just looked like any worried mum. As I drove, I saw a lad wearing a camouflage top and trousers. He was walking towards a road with a blonde toddler.

"I slammed on the brakes and ran over to the kids. I told them their mother was looking for them.

"The boy didn't trust me so I radioed Stuart who was just around the corner with Sadie. There was such relief on her face when knew they were safe."

Instead of welcoming the children with a hug of relief though, Sadie furiously scolded the two kids.

This is not the first time Iris has caused mum Sadie to break into a sweat while under her care - last October (2002) the little girl swallowed an ecstasy tablet while in London's fashionable SOHO HOUSE with her mum and some friends. Luckily she came to no harm after the incident.

01/06/2003 14:40