British actress Sadie Frost called the police when her estranged husband Jude Law raged at her outside their home - just hours before announcing she was filing for divorce.

The Road To Perdition actor reportedly banged on the door of Sadie's Primrose Hill, London, England, home, yesterday (14AUG03) at 1am, demanding to be let in.

When the BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA actress refused, he began shouting obscenities at her, believing she had a lover inside.

Worried Sadie then called the police to the $3.2 million (GBP2 million) home, where the couple's three children - RAFFERTY, IRIS and RUDY - were inside.

A source tells British tabloid The Sun, "Jude arrived out of the blue and demanded to be let in.

"Sadie refused and told him to go away but he wouldn't. He started yelling all sorts of horrible things at the top of his voice and woke up and neighbours and the kids in the house.

"Eventually Sadie became so worried that he might try to force his way in that she called the police."

When officers arrived, the situation was defused.

A Scotland Yard spokesperson confirms, "Police were called to an address in NW3 by a woman at 1.19am (yesterday) regarding a man causing a disturbance.

"Police officers spoke to both parties. There were no arrests and no further action is being taken at this time."

The police were called to the actors' home only two months ago (05JUN03), after an allegation that Sadie had been assaulted. However, she refused to proceed with the complaint.

15/08/2003 01:54