Actress Sadie Frost's estranged Hollywood husband JUDE LAW stormed out of a heated meeting which the couple had arranged to discuss their divorce.

The pair met at London's THE HILL pub in Belsize Park on Wednesday (04JUN03) - and thrashed out their issues in front of a large crowd of drinkers.

The handsome couple have encountered marital problems following reports the ROAD TO PERDITION star had an affair with Australian stunner Nicole Kidman on the set of upcoming movie Cold Mountain.

According to Britain's The Sun newspaper, Sadie told him at the pub summit, "I stay in every night watching TV with the kids. I put them to bed at nine and stay in by myself. I'm lonely and bored."

Friends say Sadie has accepted their marriage is over and is keen to sort out a divorce for the sake of their children - RAFFERTY, seven, IRIS, two, and eight-year-old RUDY.

A drinker who witnessed the meeting says, "Sadie started having little digs at Jude by talking to the children. She said, 'Mummy gets really bored, sitting at home every night.'

"Jude suddenly got up from the table and started pacing around like a caged animal and demanded, 'I want to go - now.' He stormed out of the pub and walked way ahead of Sadie."

06/06/2003 02:17