Troubled actress Sadie Frost just wanted to be normal - because her hippy parents were so unusual.

The brunette beauty, who is having a much-publicised breakup with her second husband Jude Law, insists her bohemian upbringing was a positive influence.

Her parents were only 16 when the SHOPPING actress - now a mum of four - was born, and they never married, despite giving Sadie four younger sisters and five half-brothers.

She explains, "My parents never married. They were into free loving and openness. It made me feel quite inhibited as a teenager. I just wanted them to be normal parents. I wanted to wear polyester clothes and look like all the other kids.

"But instead I was sent to school in hotpants with love hearts on them. And when you're got a sister called SUNSHINE TARA PURPLE and a brother called GABRIEL JESUS it's hard to be normal. But all in all, I think I had a very happy childhood."

20/06/2003 17:10