Actress Sadie Frost was spotted reportedly "looking distressed" at her celebrity pal Kate Moss' 30th birthday party on Friday (16JAN04), because of her young lover's wandering eye.

Frost, 37, who divorced Jude Law after an acrimonious split last year (03), was celebrating at the supermodel's bash at the adjoining houses of artists Sam Taylor-Wood and AGENT PROVOCATEUR lingerie boss SERENA REES in London - but became perturbed by Jackson Scott's behaviour.

The guitarist, according to a source quoted in British newspaper THE DAILY MAIL, kept focusing his attentions on women other than Frost, who has been dating the 22-year-old since her split with Law.

The eyewitness reports, "Scott was eyeing up the girls all evening, and at one point Sadie blurted, 'Where is Jackson? He's always just disappearing off.'"

19/01/2004 14:28