Actress Sadie Frost and her business partner Jemima French have won a rare victory over zealous car clampers.

The pair were putting the finishing touches to their FROSTFRENCH show for last week's (ends26SEP03) BRITISH FASHION WEEK at their North London studio when they discovered Frost's car had been clamped by traffic wardens.

French says, "We were busy sorting out the show, rushed off our feet and, even though we had organised for a bike courier to pick up the keys and take them straight to the office they clamped it."

However, Frost refused demands for a $200 (GBP125) fine - and the normally unrelenting clampers returned the vehicle within 24 hours.

French fumes, "It wasn't blocking anyone's access, it was just crossing the lines. It's pathetic. I am so sick of this money making attitude."

29/09/2003 13:54