Actress Sadie Frost has accused former husband Jude Law of making her ill during their turbulent marriage.

The screen beauty - whose six year union with the Road To Perdition hunk was officially terminated at London's HIGH COURT yesterday (29OCT03) - claims Law treated her so badly, she was forced to seek medical help.

Sadie was granted a quick divorce on account of the actor's admitted unreasonable behaviour, and, according to friends, she wanted "the world to know" her motives for splitting with Law.

In her sworn affidavit, she wrote, "The respondent's behaviour increased the effects of postnatal depression, leading me to have to take treatment three times."

A pal of the designer says, "She wrote this knowing it would be made public.

"She wanted the world to know what kind of person Jude is and how she had to go to hospital with baby blues as a result of Jude's bad behaviour."

30/10/2003 02:23