Sadie Frost is at last starting to pick up the pieces of her tattered life with the help of SIR Elton John following the break up of her marriage with fellow actor Jude Law.

The mother-of-four has been on the brink of depression and collapse since the cracks in her six-year marriage to the handsome star became highly publicised at the beginning of the year (03), with allegations Law had become close to his Cold MOUNTAIN co-star Nicole Kidman.

However, Frost is now reportedly back in control of her life after some special attention from the CANDLE IN THE WIND singer.

A friend of the flamboyant singer adds, "Elton can't resist a damsel in distress and Sadie was no exception. He hates to see someone suffering and wants to help cheer her up.

"He and DAVID (FURNISH) love having kids around to spoil so it will be a pleasure all round."

25/05/2003 14:17